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Film in Minnesota

Mar 20, 2023

We have an exciting announcement!  

Also, we start two new segments "Alan's Take" on film & filmmaking this time he discusses fan films.

"Rehana's Reviews" will it be a rant or a rave? Find out this week as we hear her review on a few films, especially post-Oscars and more! 

Mar 21, 2022

This week we are joined by Jennifer Prettyman to discuss our Oscar predictions along with some opinions worthy of the Explicit warning.

Listen in as we go through the 94th Academy Awards nominations and choose our picks in all categories.

Apr 19, 2021

We cover 15 of the 23 categories in this years (2021) Academy Awards. We make some surprising picks for each category as a contrast from last year's picks. Join us as we share our opinions on who we believe will win and who we want to win in those categories.

Mar 8, 2021

As we approach Saint Patrick's Day we understand there aren't a lot of options today given the state of the world. However, we have some fond memories and some movies and movie stars that you can feel free to revel in. Enjoy our Irish-themed podcast.

Feb 22, 2021

This week we are going over 10 films made in Minnesota.  We'll be discussing a little about each film and why Minnesota was and still is a great destination to film in.