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Film in Minnesota

Jul 1, 2024

Kari Layland is an all around filmmaker and actor and she tells us all about her journey into film here in Minnesota from her most recent season of Z-fest to the early beginnings with her family. 



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Jun 17, 2024

Charla Marie Bailey is an actor in Minnesota via Chicago.  She knew she wanted to act since the age of six. Find out all about her progression through acting and life as well as what's next for her.  Including a film with a previous guest. 





Jun 3, 2024

Reyna Rios-Starr is a film actor and producer.  We discuss her many works since she started in film over a decade of film work in Minnesota. She also is part of the MN WIFT chapter locally she talks about her experiences in film to this point. 



May 20, 2024

This time, we dive into a deeper conversation about life in film and not necessarily the life everyone thinks it is.  The truth is most people don't see or hear about the struggle while it happens.  We discuss our lives in film with the ups and the downs as we have experienced them.  As well as how life has changed...

May 6, 2024

Chelsey Grant is an actress from Minnesota and has worked as an actor in theater musicals, plays, and many short films and feature films already, including Sanctified and the latest film Frogman.  Come learn all about her as we explore the process and journey that Chelsey has been on so far.