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Film in Minnesota

Sep 11, 2023

We discuss Jack Swagger's music and acting adventures, what inspired him in both fields, musically, and what movies made him want to pursue this career path. Be sure to check out his show later this month and follow him:

September 30th show: 


Aug 28, 2023

We dig into this past summer's production of a Star Wars fan film called, Kyber Run.  We talk to Lee Fillingsness, Kam Jones, Anna Exley, and Joseph Cebula about their experiences making this action-packed lightsaber film. 

#starwarsfanfilm #kyberRun


Aug 14, 2023

Rehana Reviews M.I. Dead Reckoning Part 1 & Oppenheimer + Alan's Take on Becoming a Fan Filmmaker.  

Seeing some of the big summer films, as production wraps on a star wars fan film.



Jul 31, 2023

This week we have Theresa and David Alvarado, both actors and filmmakers. They discuss their latest film, “Love Revenge and Karate” which premiered at Z-fest 14 this past spring. Along with so much more.

Jul 3, 2023

Kobe Markworth is a stuntman, actor and so much more. Join us as we talk to Kobe about how he became a stunt performer, what he has been up to as of late, and what is next for him.