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Film in Minnesota

Sep 6, 2021

This week we're talking to Philip Gilpin Jr. of the Catalyst Story Institute, based in Duluth, MN. We discuss a ton about Catalyst itself, the industry of episodic series at large, and the industry here in Minnesota. 

Also, check out the Catalyst Content Festival this year:  
September 29 – October 3,...

Aug 23, 2021

Matt Bailey is an actor and a screenwriter.  He has appeared in shows on HBO's Boardwalk Empire and Hulu's The Path.  

We discuss with Matt about his film life in acting and writing, both in Minnesota and briefly during his time in New York. 

Aug 9, 2021

Sean Skinner has been working in Television and film for over 20 years in Minnesota, and he talks to us about his film life and the future projects he hopes to get off the ground. Along with our normal first round questions for filmmakers.

Jul 26, 2021

This week we have an exciting episode for everyone as we discuss with Melodie Bahan about the newly minted Minnesota production tax credit. We cover what to expect and how to prepare for the future of film in Minnesota.

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Jul 12, 2021

Alan discusses with Rehana his incident at George Floyd Square.